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Accidents - High Profile
High-Profile Boating Accidents

The involvement of a celebrity in a boating accident almost always results in increased public scrutiny and can test an agency’s crisis communications policies, practices and skills. In fact, a high-profile incident is much more likely today – witness the global YouTube sensations with millions of followers – than when star power was confined to stage and screen.

Best Practices

Read BoatBeat’s General Best Practices, in addition to the following tips, for more recommendation and information.

  • Crisis Management: High-profile accidents may require additional crisis management due to public scrutiny. It’s important to monitor public conversation, plan and communicate appropriately. Also, pay close attention to social media conversations.
  • Focus on Safety: Encourage others to learn from the tragedy of the story, such as by encouraging all boaters to wear a life jacket while boating or never operating under the influence. Mention that if life jackets are not worn at all times while boating, it can be impossible to reach and put on a stowed life jacket after the boat has been in an accident.
  • Focus on the Family: Stress importance of support for the family by the rescuers and the community for tragic stories.

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Expert Sources

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