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Case Studies

Accident response case studies provide examples of media coverage about boating accidents and opportunities for the recreational boating public to learn about safer boating practices in an effort to prevent future accidents. Quickly search the case studies using the filter box (Alphabetical, Most Recent or Topic). Or, type a keyword in the search box.

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General Best Practices General Best Practices

Opportunity to provide the public with information about the common causes of recreational boating accidents and the keys to boating safety.

Terminology Quick Reference Terms

Quick reference on standard practices, preferred terms, clarification on some misunderstood terms and incorrect terminology

Water Sports Recreational Boating Water Sports

These are many water sports that involve a boat.

Search and Rescue Search and Rescue Process

There are four key processes for the performance of search and rescue (SAR) missions.

Boating Safety Required Safety Equipment

All recreational boats are required to have size-specific safety equipment on board.

Rental Boats Rental Boat Responsibility

There are different obligations for boating safety for a rental boat customer, boat rental agency and literary operator.

Preparedness Boating Preparedness

Being prepared for a boating trip involves many factors.

Navigation Rules of the Road

Navigation rules are much like the rules of the road on the highway.

Marine Environment Protecting the Marine Environment

When the water in rivers, lakes, and oceans becomes polluted, it can endanger wildlife, make drinking water unsafe, and threaten the waters where we swim and fish.

Life Jacket Life Jackets Save Lives

If a boater is wearing a life jacket, their chances of survival from capsizing or a fall overboard will dramatically increase.

Boating Education Boating Safety Course

Data suggest that boaters who have had boater education are better prepared for the risks they may face.

Communication Communication Devices

A boater should carry at least two communication devices that will work when wet.

Cold Water Danger of Cold Water

Cold-water immersion is the cause of many boating-related fatalities.

Carbon Monoxide Hidden Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

People are surprised they can get CO poisoning when their activity is outdoors but it is a silent killer.

Boat Types Different Boat Types

There are many different boat types, from engine powered to manual paddle craft.

Aids to Navigation Waterway Marking System

Sometimes people get confused between Navigation Rules and Aids to Navigation (ATONS). ATONS are the waterway marking system very similar to highway signs.

Alcohol-OUI-BUI Alcohol and Drug Use

Boating can magnify the side effects of alcohol and drug use. Effects include impaired judgment, reduced balance and poor coordination.

Accidents - Propeller Injuries Propeller Injury and Engine Cut-Off Device

It only takes a second for a boater to fall into the water from their boat, often with hazardous consequences.

Accidents - High Profile High-Profile Boating Accidents

The involvement of a celebrity in a boating accident almost always results in increased public scrutiny and can test an agency’s crisis communications policies, practices and skills.

Good Samaritans Good Samaritans

Most people voluntarily help others who need assistance on the water.