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*These are based on actual media articles that were redacted and summarized.

Missing Boater Found Dead After Collision on Lake; Alcohol Possibly a Factor

Police say divers have recovered the body of a 43-year-old woman who was reported missing after two boats collided. The accident happened just after 8 p.m. Witnesses told police that a 27-foot boat was drifting in the water when it was struck by a 30-foot boat that was traveling at a high rate of speed.

“That collision forced four people into the water. Two people on the drifting vessel were ejected and the two people on the 30-foot vessel were also ejected,” he said. Another boat that was in the area stopped to help the overboard passengers.

“The driver of the 30-foot vessel was injured,” said the officer on-scene. “His wife was still in the water and at some point, went under.” Emergency crews responded to the scene, but a passenger was nowhere to be found. Her husband was transported to the Hospital with serious injuries. All others declined medical treatment at the scene. Dive teams were called to the area and after hours of searching, pulled her lifeless body from the water around 1 a.m. Saturday.

The officer said no one involved was wearing a life jacket, and alcohol might have been a factor. “A statement made by the operator of the 30-foot vessel indicated that he had a drink at dinner,” he said. “Our investigators did secure a search warrant for his blood at which point we will send that to the crime lab and wait for results.”

The officer said it’s too early to tell if charges will be brought in the case. “In this situation, we have many independent witnesses, which is very helpful in our investigation,” he said. “If the 27-foot boat that was just drifting had its lights on, which has been reported, obviously then it would be the other operator’s responsibility to avoid that collision.” The accident remains under investigation.

Sunday morning boat crash results in serious injuries and arrest

State Officers are investigating a boat crash incident from early Sunday morning that resulted in serious injuries and an arrest. According to the State Agency, at around 2 a.m., a 32-year-old male, and 22-year-old female were sitting stationary in a 15-foot aluminum fishing boat.

DNR officials said that a 21-foot ski boat driven by another operator, 39, was traveling at an unknown speed and struck the fishing boat. The male victim was run over by the ski boat and struck by the propeller, nearly severing his leg. The female victim was struck in the head by the bow of the ski boat, DNR officials said.

The male victim was able to put together a makeshift tourniquet for his leg and DNR said that move probably saved his life. The other vessel operator was arrested for operating a motorboat while intoxicated resulting in a serious injury, which is a felony charge, and he is in custody at the County Jail. Officers investigating the incident found the victim’s pants wrapped around the propeller of the ski boat. State Officers are still investigating this incident and alcohol is suspected as a contributing factor to the crash.