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Accidents - Propeller Injuries


*These are based on actual media articles that were redacted and summarized.

Child dies in County boating accident

A seven-year-old boy died following a boating accident. NewsTeam was the only news team on scene when agency removed the boat from the water.

The boy was in the water when the boat was put in gear, activating the rudder blades. “It appears that the son was in the back by the propeller, and then the father put the boat in gear and turned the propeller, and that’s when the death occurred,” said the agency. The boy was transported to the hospital with heavy trauma to his abdomen. He was later pronounced dead.

Agency said the investigation is done, and they’re calling it an accident that little could have been done to avoid. “It was a tragedy and our hearts go out to the victim and their family,” agency said. Agency said an investigation into the incident is still ongoing.

Officials search for boat after fleeing from accident

Officials are looking for a subject who took off after his boat injured a man. According to authorities, the victim was helping the other person push their boat off and wound up badly cut by the propeller. The vessel then left the scene.

The victim was transported to the hospital. The boat is described as white, 20 feet long with a different color Bimini top.

Boat propeller mangles man’s face; many surgeries ahead

A 33-year-old area man will need reconstruction surgeries to his skull, mouth, nose and cheeks after his face was struck by his boat’s propeller last weekend. A large wave created by a passing boat knocked victim overboard and beneath his own boat.

His nephews, with whom he was spending the afternoon, immediately jumped into the water and struggled to pull him back into the boat. He lost all of his teeth and part of his tongue and remains in intensive care at the hospital and may need at least 20 rounds of surgery.

Man, 2 children struck by boat

Sheriff’s deputies are assisting after subjects reportedly fell from a boat into the water and were struck. An official said the throttle hung up on the tiller handle and a family was thrown from the 14-foot boat.

Officials said an 8-year-old boy suffered the worst injuries, four to five inch deep gashes from the boat’s propeller. A girl between ages 4 and 5 years old suffered injuries to her right heel and their father broke his left arm, they said. They said the only reason the boat did not run over the boy and father is because it ran out of gas. DNR said both children were wearing life jackets at the time of the incident.