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Wyoming Lawmakers Debate New Boating Under Influence Limit
February 21, 2019

CHEYENNE, WYO. (AP) — Wyoming is a step closer to lowering its legal limit for boating under the influence of alcohol after a debate in the state Legislature.

Members of the Wyoming House debated Thursday whether to exempt people using small watercraft and boats with motors under 25 horsepower.

Lawmakers ultimately decided not to include such exemptions to the bill. Some argued that operating even the smallest watercraft under the influence can be dangerous.

Wyoming’s current blood-alcohol limit for boating under the influence is 0.1 percent. The bill would reduce the threshold to 0.08 percent, the same as Wyoming’s legal limit for driving under the influence.

The bill earlier passed the Senate 25-5 and will be up for a third and final vote in the House.

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