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Waves of Hope
August 23, 2016 | National Safe Boating Council

As the National Safe Boating Council continues to develop an Engaging Survivors of Recreational Boating Accidents initiative, now Waves of Hope, they’re asking for your support.

Their goal is to provide a single point of engagement for those who have survived a boating accident and those who have lost a family member or friend as a result of a boating accident.

They are embarking on a new initiative to be that resource. In the next few months, they’ll hit key milestones, with direct support and buy-in from survivors and those that have lost loved ones in recreational boating accidents. Many of these individuals possess a deep desire to make something good come from their negative experience and have a perspective about boating safety that could be highly effective at encouraging practices which would help decrease boating accidents around the U.S.

“Remembering Deborah Boles, 16, who died on July 4, 1998 in a preventable accident while wearing a life jacket. Even seasoned boaters need boater education.”

Boat owners can prevent accidents by ensuring their boats are only operated by individuals who have completed a boater education class, just like car owners can prevent accidents by insuring their cars and motorcycles are driven only by those who are licensed to drive them. Be safe in the water so you can all go home together.”

If you have specific questions or comments regarding this initiative, please contact the NSBC Executive Director Peg Phillips at or (703) 361-4294. Learn more at

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