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In Loving Memory: Karen Angela Dunne-Maxim
January 13, 2021

Karen Angela Dunne-Maxim, 80, a former long-time resident of Princeton Junction, New Jersey, passed away on Wednesday December 30, 2020 in Arlington, VA.

Ms. Dunne-Maxim had an infectious, effervescent, optimism that touched everyone she met. She took great joy in connecting with everyone, from train conductors and taxi drivers she met while a passenger, to professional colleagues, corporate CEOs, and nationally acclaimed actors. She made everyone she met feel important and, of course, insisted on connecting them with everyone else she knew. She was also nurturing by nature and helped countless colleagues, friends, and family members throughout her life. She had boundless energy. Despite the hefty demands of her professional career, she regularly attended the New York Metropolitan Opera, hiked the Vermont Long Trail end-to-end, ran several half marathons, traveled extensively, and served as crew for the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary on the boat she shared with her late husband.

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