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Available Now: New Data Analytics Capabilities for the Waterways
May 11, 2022

Available Now: New Data Analytics Capabilities for the Waterways

The Deckee data analytics platform is now welcoming new partners looking for actionable insights into boating activity on their waterways.

Deckee provides the public with a free, feature packed boating app, generating over 15 million new data points every month to deliver unprecedented analytics to our partners.

Distribute campaigns and alerts to your waterway users and measure the results

Deckee’s platform can enable government partners to distribute alerts such as Notices to Mariners in an interactive format, equipped with geofenced push notifications.

Boating is experiencing a surge in popularity in the wake of Covid-19, and statistics show that accidents are increasing as a result. There are record numbers of new, undereducated boaters taking to the water that need a modern and convenient way of accessing essential information from maritime authorities in their pocket.

Use Deckee activity data to inform safety interventions, planning and policies

Governments are faced with a long list of safety challenges and often lack the data and tools needed to plan for the future of recreational boating for their citizens. Deckee has the unique capability to provide anonymised, aggregated activity reports to facilitate decision-planning and analysis, along with access to our team of data science and geospatial experts.

Gain visibility into the environmental impact of recreational activities on the waterways

By combining Deckee’s behavioral data with citizen science and other datasets, Deckee can enhance waterway conservation efforts, environmental studies and habitat monitoring in unprecedented ways.

We aim to help the world safe and informed on the water, help keep the waterways healthy in the process.

Improve visibility and response for Search and Rescue teams with Float Plans

Deckee’s Search and Rescue solution provides unprecedented visibility on vessel movements and access to real-time data that can protect and save lives on the water.

The Search and Rescue dashboard platform is seamlessly integrated with the award-winning Deckee mobile app, which can provide a reliable, additional “log on” method with Marine Rescue or Coastguard via mobile devices.

Digitise your system of record for vessel information during the “Log On Log Off” process, enabling a more efficient and automated system which reduces errors.

Centralise activity records from each base into a cloud-based, single source of truth system for all vessel activity statewide, enhancing the ability for groups and teams to provide assistance to one another.

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Download the Deckee boating app for free

Join over 300,000+ boaters worldwide already using the free Deckee app, available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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